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AES 15000 Viper

AES 15000 Viper

AES Service Modules3
  • Heavy duty compartment chassis mounted service module, heavy duty steel guards over bogie wheels.
  • Independent ROPS system designed and fabricated to ISO 3471 / 3449 standards to suit a range of cab over and bonneted vehicle chassis
  • Fully sealed dust resistant pump and reel cabinets
  • Truck systems controlled by IQAN
  • Computer controlled opening and closing of doors, hand rails and steps ensure no heavy lifting or excessive bending
  • Digital controlled panels to monitor oil/fuel/coolant delivery, shut off and filter clogging
  • Digital controlled screen to monitor all service module open/close functions
  • Safety warning screen to monitor all proximity switches
  • Electronic tank levelling devices
  • Rear/side cameras with in cab split screen
  • Water pressure jet wash with 900 litre water tank
  • Module paint spec finished in a 2pac white
  • Rear recovery tow bar


  • One Graco 50:1 high pressure grease pump
  • One Graco 10:1 bulk grease pump
  • Three Husky double diaphragm pumps for EVAC 3/4”, water 1/2”, and coolant 1/2”
  • One Graco 6-1 high volume oil pumps for gear oil
  • Three Graco 3-1 high volume oil pumps for hydraulic and engine oils
  • High flow/high pressure diesel pump with 500 litres p/min
  • High flow/high pressure grease pump


  • Wiggins fast-fill diesel fuel system
  • Graco 1½” hose reels for diesel
  • Graco ¾” hose reels for oil delivery and EVAC suction
  • EVAC system fitted with a 4 way valve to allow suction and delivery
  • Graco ½” hose reels for coolant, air and water
  • Samoa easy grip hand piece with non-drip nozzles for oil dispensing reel
  • All reels c/w calibrated digital easy to read dispensing metres


  • Remote compressor operation BOSS Compressor
  • All hose reels and tanks are hard labelled for easy identification
  • Independent electric system with lockable isolator
  • All systems are air operated
  • Compressor stop start accessible from ground level


  • Bull bar
  • Compressor / park brake shut off


  • All mounting points fitted with spring retained bolts
  • Full length chassis timbers fitted between the module and chassis


  • 8×4 & 8×8 automatic transmission with retarder
  • Electrical hour meter
  • Independent electrical system with lockable isolator


  • All hose, reels and fill points labelled
  • Safety signage, compartments product labels, flammable liquids to meet Australian standards and mine site requirements


  • Pre-delivery operational checks
  • Meter calibration and flow rate testing
  • Parts book and service manual


  • Three fire extinguishers: Two 9kg at ground level, One on each side at rear of module. One 1.5kg inside of cab


  • Top safety rails, guards and steps fitted with anti slip surface to top of module
  • All rails, guards and steps manufactured to AS 1657 – 1992


  • Two amber flashing lights with eight LED external service lights
  • Three LED compartment work lights inside reel bay cabinet
  • Two LED compartment work lights inside pump cabinet
  • One LED compartment work light inside rear spare wheel door
  • Two reversing lights at rear with dual stop/tail indicator clearance lights
  • 24 Volt jump start receptacle
  • Reverse alarm starter isolator
  • Three emergency stops one each on both sides of module, one mounted on cab dash
  • Fully mine spec ROPS/FOPS, additionally all electrical harness are designed to meet stringent mine specs and handle the harsh Australian conditions
  • Reversing camera c/w auditable and colour monitor for increased safety
  • Reversing camera